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The Mighty Will Surrender - True Blood Fan Fic

The Mighty Will Surrender:  By Michelle Hughes
True Blood Fan Fic
(True Blood is not owned or affiliated with the author in any way all rights belong to HBO and Charlaine Harris)

Discover Michelle Hughes:

Ginger had just called last call at Fangtasia and he walked back to his office to have a quick meeting with Chow and Pam before his trip to see the Queen. Pam sat down at the chair in front of Eric's desk, her expression one of indulgent boredom. “So how long will I need to babysit your humans this time,” which was Pam's way of asking how long his visit with the Queen would last. Eric took a moment to consider the Queens last conversation before he answered, “Just a few days, but of course if she should require my presence longer, of course I would honor that request,” he smirked.

“I plan on visiting Cara, and I believe Sookie is still in Dallas at the moment,” remembering Sookie was still looking in to the disappearance of Bill. “Honestly Eric why you bother with Cara,” shaking her head and rolling her eyes, “I understand Sookie is of great value to us.” “My reasons do not concern you in this matter Pam,” he smirked, “she fulfills my needs, which is all that truly matters.” Pam would never understand what he saw in that little human, but she obviously had some kind of hold over Eric.

They discussed what would need to happen to keep Fangtasia running smoothly over the next few days and Eric stood up. “Should anything require my attention before I return, you know how to contact me,” Eric stated and quickly walked outside and took to the sky. He had purposely stayed away from Cara for the last few weeks, the rage that she brought out in him was an emotion he felt that controlled him. Since the night he had first introduced her to passion the girl had called to him in a way he could not decipher.

Emotions were foreign to him, one of the reasons that he was able to control everything in his world was the lack of such a human response. Cara had dared to make him feel compassion, and for that reason he had made her suffer like no other human of the female gender. Her innocence had drawn him to her initially, and he had sought to destroy the thing he found so compelling about her. By showing her the darker side of passion he had hoped to remove the allure that seemed to speak to him in ways he had not felt in hundreds of years.

He was known for his skills as a lover, there had not yet been a woman he could not bring to her knees and have her begging to please him. It was a very efficient tool to be able to draw victims in to willingly give what he needed to survive. He could inspire fear in the strongest of warriors in years past, and now in men who considered themselves beyond defeat. The fear in Cara's eyes the last time they had been together had nearly undone him, and he was not willing to see that terror at his hands again.

He landed on the balcony outside of her room, and opened the door quietly. She was asleep and the innocence that found her beautiful face in sleep reminded him of the first time he had touched her. He watched her breasts rise and fall with each deep breath and felt a desire stir inside him that was incomparable to anything he had felt since Godric had turned him. This small slip of a human had managed to touch a part of him he thought long dead and gone.

He undressed quickly and silently then slid under the silken sheets with her, careful not to disturb her slumber. She was lying on her back, a soft wisp of hair falling across her face. With a gentleness he had forgotten he possessed he allowed his hand to pull the strand away so he could gaze at the perfection before him. Her lips were soft, full and inviting and he lowered his lips to hers kissing them gently. She sighed in her sleep and he allowed his lips to trail kisses to her jaw and the tender flesh of her neck before his hands went to the small buttons of her top.

While she slept he carefully unbuttoned the silken top and opened it slowly to reveal her well rounded breasts. Staring down upon the rose tipped orbs, a smile found his face, and for once their was pure adoration in his eyes instead of the mocking condensation he chose to show the world. She shivered as the cool air danced over her exposed flesh, and the rosy peaks hardened of their own violation. His hand gently cupped the weight in his hand as his mouth lowered to suckle the rosy bud deeply.

She whimpered in her sleep, her dreams turning to the viking that had tutored her in the ways of love that night not so long ago. Catching her breath as she felt his mouth move toward the other aching mound and his tongue outlined the rosy peak before nipping it lightly, a pang of white hot pleasure shot from her breast to her abdomen. “Eric,” she called out softly in her sleep, knowing this was a dream she never wanted to awaken from.

“Open your eyes Mia Cara,” his voice called to her softly in the realm of sleep. She shook her head gently not wanting the dream to end, afraid if she answered his call he would be gone. He laughed softly as his hand and mouth continued the gentle assault on her breasts. He lifted away from her long enough to pull off her silken pants and panties in one long sweep, this was enough to make her open her eyes quickly and gasp.

The fear found her chocolate gaze and he cursed himself internally at the pain he had caused her, forcing himself to smile so she would not be even more fearful. Biting her lip she covered her breasts protectively with her arms, not wanting to feel his anger again. With all the control he possessed he kept the anger at her withdrawal from showing on his face. “Little one,” he said quietly, “allow me to please you.” It was the closest he had ever come to begging anyone. Confusion took the place of fear in her gaze as she nibbled nervously on her lower lip. She could never deny him anything when he asked that way, and she nodded slowly.

He carefully grasped her arms and placed them back down on each side of her, feeling her heart race as he gazed down on her body, his eyes taking in every inch of her. She was trembling now as her hands grasped the sheets clenching them tightly in the silken fabric. His mouth lowered to one full breast to suckle it deeply as his other hand traced gently down her quivering abdomen in a feather light caress.

As his mouth trailed down from her breast to her navel she sucked in a deep breath and held it. His fingers found their way into the soft dark curls that hid the passion that burned for his touch, he parted the tender folds and caressed her until she cried out softly. Her nails scored his back as he continued the gentle torment until she wanted to beg him to stop the unbearable pressure that was building inside of her, held on the edge of passions precipice.

Whimpering as his mouth moved to join his fingers, her legs closing involuntarily at the intimacy she had never known, trembling uncontrollably as part of her wanted to beg him to stop the other beg him to give her even more. “Let me pleasure you Mia Cara,” he whispered against her abdomen before his mouth trailed across her hips and upper thighs. She fought against every instinct that told her this was wrong, and the nervous tremors that seemed to shake her to her very core as she parted her thighs for him.

He moved between her legs and smiled up at her before his head lowered and his mouth found the very core of her passion. Her hips automatically lifted into the sensual caress and she cried out as pleasure like she had never known controlled ever facet of her mind. Her head thrashed against the pillow as he continued laving and suckling the tender flesh until she was mindless. He played her body until the crescendo of pleasure seemed to mount to an almost unbearable peak.

“Eric please,” she cried out not sure if she would survive another moment of this pleasurable pain that seemed to consume her. He was relentless in his tender assault on her flesh, his tongue delving, tasting, teasing, until she exploded into a million pinnacles of light. She floated between reality and mindless oblivion for long moments, her breathing rapid as she fought to come back from the brink of passionate fulfillment. As her mind finally found some sense of normalcy again she opened her eyes and found herself looking into a face that ached with his own need.

With little hesitation she lifted up on the bed and pushed him back to lay down. His smile was enough to give her the encouragement she needed as she began her own exploration, her mouth trailing kisses down his chest, his contoured abdomen as her hand lowered to hold his shaft caressing it lovingly. Within moment her mouth joined her hand as she took his deeply into her mouth, suckling him as her tongue danced around the tip aching to know every long inch of him. Untutored she allowed her hands and mouth to explore his maleness worshiping it with a reverence she had never dared express before.

He allowed her tender assault until he felt he would go mad, pulling from her grasp and laughing softly at her moan of frustration. He parted her thighs and waited until her eyes met his then drove deeply inside of her, feeling her quivering flesh hold him tightly within her velvety sheath. Her legs wrapped around his hip urging him on, his thrusts became faster and deeper as her nails scored his back again, her head thrown back in abandonment. She felt the unbearable ache build again deep inside of her, and cried out as he continued to drive deeply inside of her only to pull back again and again.

She felt she would never survive, he wanted this to never end, it was unbearable, it was overwhelming. With each thrust he consumed her, with every withdrawal she demanded more of him, until there was no thought for either them as desire peaked and they found their release simultaneously. He fell upon her and she held him tightly to her, wishing they could lay intertwined in this moment for eternity.

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